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The results are in! The first Stamparatus reservation window reached its maximum number of reservations in just 15 minutes, which provided us with some very important information: You LOVE this new stamping tool! We couldn’t be more thrilled; in fact, your response was so amazing that we’ve decided to make some important adjustments to the reservation process.
As was previously announced, the second reservation window will remain open from December 5–30; however, during this reservation period we will take as many orders as we receive (yay!) and not close the window until December 30. So whether the total number of reservations is 100 or 100,000, the window will stay open!
Please note the following changes:
  • Beginning March 19, we will ship Stamparatuses in the order the reservations were received (first in, first out) and continue through the next few months and beyond as product arrives in our warehouse. Because shipment dates are based on manufacturing lead times, not all of the reservations made during the December 5–30 window will ship on March 19 (as was previously announced).
  • In order to accommodate demand, limits have changed as follows: one reservation per customer and one per demonstrator.
  • Because we are not limiting the maximum number of reservations for the second window, we will not offer a third window. This is the last chance for you to reserve a Stamparatus before it becomes available in the 2018-2019 annual catalog.
Please note what has not changed:
  • If you reserved during the first reservation period, you may still order during the second window.
  • The reservation window will open at 2:00 PM (MT) on December 5.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on your very own Stamparatus and look forward to seeing the projects you’ll make with this incredible stamping tool.


December Card Kit

Hello my fine friends.  I have a video for you today demonstrating how to put this month’s card kit together.  Of course if you are not a customer of mine you can use this kit as inspiration to make your own.  I share a PDF with my customers, emailed to their inbox and send a envelope with enough supplies to make 2 cards (stamps, inks or adhesives not included).  This month they also get a little thank you gift from me because I really appreciate the support.  Thank you to all of you who purchase through my store.  Shop for your items today!


Above is button to the entire online store.  Below are the links to what I have used on today’s project. Please click on the picture  to be taken to the online store. If you make a purchase after clicking on my link, I receive a small commission as your demonstrator with no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support when shopping with me. Please do not hesitate to ask me a question as I am here to help you. 

A little news

Hi crafty friends.

Normally I would have some inspiration for you today but I decided to take the last week of November off.  If you remember I had a bit of a flood in my apartment in the summer and pretty much the day I got back into the place, I started Christmas Crush because I felt it was important to give ideas for the holidays with enough time to shop for them.  So basically I have been running non stop 5 videos a week for 5 weeks and adding a few more into the mix if you want to count Paper Pumpkin inspiration.  So anyway, I decided to take this next week off, to finish some final touches to my apartment, decorate for Christmas, maybe have a evening of binge watching tv…you know…nest and rest.  A little RNR if you will.   Hope you don’t mind.  I will be back Dec 4 and will have some great projects for you (most likely from the new Catalogue).  I promise I will be back with a bang.

In the meantime, I think I may pop on Facebook and do a live video as I finally have a new internet provider.  Click here if you want to subscribe to me on Facebook.  It most likely will be in an evening or on the weekend.  The thing is I will not be uploading any Facebook lives to YouTube.  I believe each social media platform deserves its own content so if you do subscribe to me on Facebook, know you won’t see what I share anywhere else.  🙂  I’ll give you notice on Facebook the 24 hours before, so hopefully you will join me.

Anyway, enough about me and social media.  Do you know that it’s FREE shipping at Stampin’ Up! today?  Today only.  Click the button to shop 24/7and pay nothing to have it shipped to your house.  🙂

1 hour reminder

Knowing the popularity of this type of product, I know the window of opportunity and for reservations will open and close fairly fast.  I just want everyone to know that if you miss this window there will be more later.

But I know that you my lovely customers will most likely want this product in your hands as fast as you can get it so it’s my job to remind you that the window to reserve your Stamparatus is in 1 hour.

Here again is the step by step tutorial on how to reserve your Stamparatus.

Click the button above to head to the online store.

5 Hour Reminder

Hello my friends.  This is your 5 hour reminder that the window for the Stamparatus will open and you can reserve yours today.  Here is some additional information I thought you would appreciate.

The Stamparatus! Everything you need to know

Why do YOU need one? 

  • You’ll fall in love with stamping all over again when you learn everything you can do with it!
  • Make multiples with ease
  • Consistently stamp crisp, clean images
  • If you want a darker impression, apply more ink and re stamp—no need to start over
  • Make fewer mistakes, saving time and money
  • Easily create 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step stamped images using reversible plates
  • Develop new and specialized stamping techniques with adjustable stamping plates and precision placement

Product details:

  • Compatible with Stampin’ Up!’s red rubber and photopolymer stamp
  • Foam mat to use with photopolymer stamps
  • Rulers and grid lines for quick measuring
  • 2 open sides so you can stamp on larger paper
  • 2 reversible plates: a total of 4 surfaces to work with
  • 2 magnets to hold the paper in place
  • Magnet storage areas
  • Retail Price–$65.00 CAD

So we all have to get one. How do I get in line?

With the launch of this tool, we’re trying something different: testing a new reservation system. It acts like a true preorder: you reserve your spot and we guarantee shipment as soon as the product arrives in our warehouse. Demonstrators and customers will place reservations and receive their product at the same time. This system will allow us to get the product to market as soon as possible while avoiding back orders and efficiently managing inventory.

The global launch will feature three reservation windows. For each window, please note the following:

  • Reservation quantities are while supplies last.
  • Limit is 3 tools per demonstrator (talk about a good time to join my team) and 1 tool per customer per reservation window.
  • Customers may participate in multiple reservation windows.
  • In order to reserve your Stamparatus, you are required to provide your credit card information.
  • Credit cards will not be charged until the Stamparatus ships from our facility. When you close your order, be sure to verify that your credit card and shipping information is correct.

Here are the reservation windows:

The first reservation window is in 5 hours!!!  I would strongly suggest you get in on the first reservation window so you can be the first to get in line for this product.
You will not be billed for the tool until the item arrives and ships from Stampin’ Up! warehouse but November 16th is the day to reserve your tool!

There is a maximum reservation number (since the manufacturer can only produce so many in one time frame) so I would not wait to reserve since the reservation window may close early if the maximum number has been reached.

There will be a link on my online store where you can reserve your stamparatus.  You must have a Stampin’ Up! online account and make sure to have me as your demonstrator in your profile.


Q & A for the Stamparatus

Q: How do I reserve my Stamparatus?
A: Normally you order Stampin’ Up! products through the online store or emailing me; in this case, you will click the RESERVE link on the Stamparatus page which will take you to the reservation page. For step-by-step instructions, please see picture below.

Q: What if I do not have a Stampin’ Up! customer account?
A: To reserve a Stamparatus, you must have a customer account. To create one, click Create Account at the online store.  Here is the link.

Q: Am I billed at the time I reserve my Stamparatus?
A: No. However, a credit card is required to reserve the product.

Q: When will I be charged for the Stamparatus?
A: When inventory arrives in the warehouse, we will add your reservation to a shopping cart. We will then send you an email notifying you that your Stamparatus order is ready. Once you finalize payment and close your order, the system will charge your credit card.

Q: Will I be able to add other products to my Stamparatus reservation?
A: No. However, once your reservation is transferred to your shopping cart, you will then be able to add other items to your order. Important note: Please do not delete the Stamparatus from your order. We will not be able to add it back and you will lose your reservation.

Q: Will I be able to update my address and credit card information when I open my shopping bag to complete my order?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I change my mind and want to cancel my reservation?
A: You can cancel your reservation at any time before your credit card has been charged. To cancel please contact me so I can give you more details

Q: Will the tool be available in the 2018–2019 annual catalog?
A: Yes. Once the annual catalog ordering period begins, you will be able to order the Stamparatus as you would any other product. Reservations will no longer be required, and there will be no limit on the number of tools you can order.

Q: When I close my order, can I take advantage of current Stampin’ Up! promotions?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I participate in all three reservation periods?
A: Yes.

Q: How many stamp placement tools can I reserve per reservation window?
A: For customers, there is a limit of 1 per reservation window.  Demonstrators can order 3 and get their 20% (or more) discount.  Yes!  It makes sense to Join my team! 

Q: How did we come up with the name Stamparatus?
A: We landed on an innovative name by combining two words that speak to the end use of the tool as well as Stampin’ Up! branding.

Stamp: To impress a pattern or mark (especially an official one) on
a surface, object, or document using an engraved or inked
block or die or other instrument
Apparatus: The technical equipment or machinery needed for a
particular activity or purpose

Stamp + Apparatus = Stamparatus