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Get Started

– with Stampin’ Up! –

Become a demonstrator today by personalizing your Starter Kit with stamps, ink, paper any any other products that spark your interest.

For as little as $135 you’ll get to choose $165 in products.  Stampin’ Up! will also include FREE SHIPPING and business supplies to help you get started.

Just like that, you’re on your way!

Discover, Experiment, Inspire

– with Stampin’ Up! Products –

Stampin’ Up! designs their products with crafters of all skill levels in mind.  No matter where you’re at on your papercrafting journey, here are a few things that we know you’ll appreciate.

  • Coordinating product suites with exclusive colour collections.
  • High-quality stamps for every occasion: manufactured by Stampin’ Up! in Utah, USA.
  • Dynamic, specialized tools designed to create professional-quality projects with crafting ease.

Create Worthwhile Experiences

– as a Demonstrator –

Nothing brings people together like creativity.  As an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, you’ll get to share what you love and see your circle of friends expand as you participate in these activities.

  • Help others discover a love for stamping.
  • Share your favorite projects with potential customers.
  • Experiment with new artistic techniques and styles to expand your crafting skills.
  • Get involved with – and draw inspiration from – the Stampin’ Up! community.

Stay connected with your fellow demonstrators (and your creative side!) by attending company sponsored events and following Stampin’ Up!’s catalogues, weekly emails, online galleries and forums, magazines, and videos.

Your Business, Your Way

The Stampin’ Up! business model provides opportunities to meet new friends, express your unique style, and earn extra income.  See what a partnership with Stampin’ Up! can mean for you.

  • All it takes to remain an active demonstrator is meeting a quarterly sales requirement.  Sales quotas include your own purchases and those of your customers.  You can usually reach this quota in just one or two gatherings.
  • Meeting your goals is made even easier with Stampin’ Up!’s promotions, training resources, and regular catalogues releases that all feature awe -inspiring products that you and your customers will love.
  • Thrive with support from your team/team leaders, fellow demonstrators, friends, family and Stampin’ Up!

The Benefits

Do you wish you could get EVERYTHING on your Stampin! Up wish list at a discounted price? Have you been shopping with Stampin’ Up! for a while and want the best deal going? As an avid crafter, I can tell you Stampin’ Up! products are high quality.  The BEST DEAL comes when you get high quality products for a reduced price.  Here is why the Best Deal is so great!

  • Starter kit- $165 in product for just $135 with free shipping and no obligation.
  • 20% savings on personal purchases or commission.
  • 25% Savings on personal purchases or commission after your first promotion (which is easily attainable).
  • Quick Start – opportunity to earn Points which can be used for FREE product, logo merchandise & business tools.
  • Two Free Months of a Business Website with online store, calendar, blog, e cards and newsletters.
  • Exclusive Stampin’ UP! events like On Stage & Center Stage (conventions).
  • Exclusive Stampin’ UP! online communities (SuNN Down Stampers Facebook Page & Kaleidoscope Facebook Page plus many more).
  • No Obligation – yep that’s right – purchase a kit and walk away – BUT simply purchase or sell $400 a quarter to continue to access the benefits.
  • Pre-purchase opportunities ahead of the general public.
  • Host events receiving hostess rewards AND demonstrator awards.
  • Support and training via Stampin’ University.
  • Support and training via our Succeed Weekly emails.
  • Support and training via our quarterly full color Stampin’ Success Magazine.
  • Career and Annual Milestone awards.
  • Complimentary catalogues (Annual, Holiday, Occasions and Sale-a-bration catalogues).
  • Association with a company that specializes in high quality and many exclusive crafting products that is debt free, global and growing.

Team Benefits

  • When you join Stampin’ UP! you also join my team (the SuNN Down Stampers)  and that has perks as well.
  • Gain access to all of my Online Classes as you hit certain sales milestones.
  • Get Card Kits of the month for FREE.  These packages are dependent upon if you are an active Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator (not in pending) and are an active participant in your own business (shopping/selling from your own store each month).
  • Get invited to Diva Day 2 times a year, a crafty package with loads of projects to complete mailed right to your door.  These packages are dependent upon if you are an active Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator (not in pending) and are an active participant in your own business (shopping/selling from your own store)!
  • Join a private Facebook group with your team to ask questions or share projects.  There is a challenge every month for a lovely prize for those team members who shop at their own store OR complete the creative challenge.
  • Get access to tutorials and business information in the Team Member Blog Page.

I’m committed to providing support to my team no matter your reason for joining. It’s an inclusive environment that focuses on creativity and successes of all kinds!


Q. What is an Active Demonstrator?

A. Demonstrators maintain their status by selling or purchasing $400 in product every quarter. That’s called a “minimum”. If you don’t meet your minimum, you’re dropped from Stampin’ Up! as a Demonstrator, without penalty. You can re-join at any time.

Q. How long do I have to meet the minimum?

A. New Demonstrators must meet their first $400 minimum by the end of their first FULL quarter. Quarters are Jan-Mar, April-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. If you join in the middle of a quarter (even on the 2nd day of the first month), you have that remaining quarter, plus the NEXT quarter to meet your minimum. For example, if you sign up on January 2nd, you have the rest of that “partial” quarter (through March) AND your next FULL quarter (April-Jun) to meet your first minimum.

Q. There’s really no obligation?

A. I cannot be more sincere about this statement: THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE, SELL, or HOST PARTIES — EVER!!  I GUARANTEE you, this is a true statement.

Q. What happens when I drop?

A. NOTHING happens. You simply lose access to your Demonstrator account, and you’ll stop receiving Demonstrator perks (20% + off, advance notice of specials, catalogs and product pre-order opportunities — all the good stuff…).  You are welcome at that point to become one of my amazing customers again.

Q, Can I re-join if I drop?

A. Yes! After a Pending month (April, July, October, January), if you don’t make up your minimum, you will be dropped as a Demonstrator. You can then rejoin, immediately, under your current Demonstrator by purchasing another $135 Starter Kit. You will lose all of your previous sales and any down-line members, essentially starting from scratch.  If you would like to re-join under a new Demonstrator, you must wait 90 days after you are dropped. You will lose all of your previous sales and any down-line members, again, starting from scratch, but with the ability to join under a new Demonstrator if you choose.

Q: If I am not Canadian can you be my “up-line”?

A: Unfortunately, no.  I truly wish I could, but this is beyond my control.

Q: Do I get to choose which stamping supplies come in my kit?

A: Yes.. The starter kit is completely customize-able. You choose $165 worth of stamping supplies and pay only $135 + tax and shipping is free.

Q: Are there any monthly fees associated with being a demonstrator?

A: Only if you choose. I highly recommend having your own Stampin’ Up! online store website so that people can place orders with you online. The cost for that is $19.95 per month.  It’s called DBWS (demonstrator business web services) but if you sign up within three weeks of your sign up date (21 days) you will receive TWO FREE MONTHS of this website.

Q: If someone who does not live near you joins, how do you help them?

A: The same way I help demonstrators that do live near me! All support/training is done via email and our private Facebook group.

Q: Can I actually make money as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?

A: Absolutely! How much you make really is up to you. Many demonstrators use their income simply for the discount so they can support their stamping habit but there are also demonstrators that make as much or more than they did at their full-time jobs. You can chose to make money doing live stamping events or build your business all on social media like I am.

Q:  Can you help me through the signing up process:

  1. Look for the button that says “Join My Team” and click on it
  2. Read the IDA contract
  3. Click the Acknowledged boxes
  4. Click Continue
  5. Click the Starter Kit and also click NO to the starter kit code
  6. Click Apply
  7. Choose your business supplies pack (English or french)
  8. Build your Starter kit.  Choose your items, the kit is totally customizable.  If you want all reinkers to go along with your inks or if you want stamps or even if you want some of the new items that are just pre-order items for Demonstrators.  It’s up to you.  Choose $165 and pay only $135
  9. Be exact with your kit supplies.  You can only get $165 and not a cent more.  Be accurate and have a few items on your list that are small in price to get the best deal.
  10. Press Continue
  11. Fill out the personal information (name and address)
  12. Select your tax rate (that’s important)
  13. Next is to review and submit payment.
  14. Welcome to the team.  I will be in touch shortly.