Fabricate Friday is going rougue

Hey there.  I spent the better part of 2 days filming and editing this video so I thought I would post it today instead of a build video.  If you have a catalouge it may be fun for you to do the walk through with me so we can actually see the products that will be retiring in the catalogues you have.

A new publication will be coming to those customers who have shopped with me in the last 3 months.  Here is the link to my online store if you want to see if you qualify (check your records).

For all others, you are welcome to download the digital copy when it is released in June.  There will be a link on the side bar of my blog (if you are on a mobile device you may have to scroll to the very bottom of the page to find the links).

If you want to shop very early like me and my demonstrator friends then join my team and get all the new goodies May 3.  I would love to have you on my team and you can add all the products in the new catalogue to your starter kit right away!  The best thing is you will get a discount on all your crafty items while you remain active and there is no obligation to sell at all.

I give an email address at the end of this video.  Please contact me with any questions you may have about anything.  I am here to serve you. Also, before you watch please know that some of the products may already be gone as the retiring list was released on April 22 and folks really know to act quickly with this last chance sale.  No products are guaranteed at all.  While supplies last.

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