Fabricate Friday – Tissue Box

Hello all.  I hope you are doing well.  As you may have heard I am a bit displaced at the moment.  I live in a basement suite and the shared laundry equipment (meaning the washer) decided to overflow into my apartment.  So, needless to say, I had to relocate while they dry the place up and replace the floors and carpets.  Before you ask, I am ok, the kitties are ok and nothing was damaged other than my apartment floors.  I have moved Molly and Quinn to a friend’s home who is quiet and loves pets but I myself have relocated to my sister’s house while she and her family are on vacation.  I was scheduled to look after her kitties anyway so it works out ok.  I miss my kitties but I go to see them every day and spend time (I have been editing my videos there and trying to let them know things are kinda the same only different).  They haven’t adjusted as well as I had hoped but they are getting better every day.  I wish they would eat a little more, they kinda have been off their food for a bit but they do eat the treats we give them so…they aren’t suffering too bad.  Kids and their junk food eh?  My sister has ample room for me to set up a make shift craft space so I will still be able to continue to product content for the blog here.  Would love if I had some shoppers to make it all worth while.  🙂  New Catalog is launched today!  You can shop 24/7 in the online store.

Anyway, just a bit of an update and while I am feeling a little sad with them not being around me I thought I would grab a tissue.  Hmmm, wonder if I can make a little box to hold my tissues to cheer me up!  Great segway there don’t you think?

Check out my project for today and I will show you how to do it.

Here are the links to what I have used on today’s project. Please click on the picture or wording to be taken to the online store. If you make a purchase after clicking on my link, I receive a small commission as your demonstrator with no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support when shopping with me. Please do not hesitate to ask me a question as I am here to help you. 

The Details:

  • Cardstock sizing: 11″ x 4 1/4″
  • Long side scoring: 1/2″, 3″, 4″, and 6 1/2″.
  • Patterned Paper sizing: 3 1/4″ x 4″ and 3/4″ x 4″


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