Fabricate Friday – Candy Dispenser Box

Hello there.  I saw this demonstration from a lady in the Uk and I really liked the box but it was too big and it seemed to be quite complicated.  So, in my usual fashion I dumbed it down so I could wrap my head around it and voila…a simple project appeared.  🙂  Check it out!

Product List

The particulars:

Box Cardstock sizing:10 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches
Long side scoring: 2 1/2, 5, 7 1/2 and 10 inches
Short side scoring: 3/4 inches
Patterned Paper Sizing:  3 pieces sized 2 1/4 by 3 and 2 pieces sized 2 1/4 by 2 1/4

Bottom Tray Cardstock sizing:5 3/4 by 4 1/2
Long side scoring:  1, 1 3/4, 2 1/2 and 5 inches
Short side scoring: 1 3 1/2

Lid Cardstock sizing: 4 1/16 by 4 1/16 inches, and score on all sides at 3/4 of an inch.

8 thoughts on “Fabricate Friday – Candy Dispenser Box

  1. Karen S

    Hi Susanne, I made one of these a few weeks ago after seeing it on Amanda Fowler’s blog, but great minds think alike, I resized mine too, as it was a little too tall for me. For some reason I had great difficulty with the drawer (Amanda made it look easy), but it turned out ok in the end, though I forgot to put a ‘handle’ on the drawer and my Dad just thought it was a box of sweets with a lid!?! I like your way of doing the drawer, sticking it down first then cutting it seems much easier, so I will have a go at doing it your way next time. On a totally different subject – I ordered the Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface card you have been using lately (and as used on my birthday card), it arrived today, oh it is so smooth and very strokeable! (I know that’s not a real word, but I like it!) I also ordered the Vellum card (to use with my new Polychromos Pencils) I can’t wait to have a play with them, but I can’t at the moment – too much going on here, but at least I have them now. Thanks for the tip. Another great tutorial from you – you are fab! Have a good weekend. Hugs, Karen x

    1. Susanne Post author

      Hey you Karen. Great minds do think alike. It was a very cool build and tried to make it easy. As for the drawer, it may be more noticeable if you did it in a different colour. Happy accident for me as I ran out of the same colour card but I think it added emphasis. 🙂 thanks for stopping by and watch your mailbox for something…

    1. Susanne Post author

      Hey Rose, thanks for commenting. I love making the paper boxes so it’s fun for me. 🙂


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