Video Friday – Massive Triangle Box

I had wanted to try to make a bag or box that would fit a regular sized wine bottle but it does seem impossible with just one piece of 12 by 12 card stock so I accidentally came up with this rather large and imposing triangle box.  It is somewhat easy to make and I do say that when it comes together it is impressive.  A little weird and awkward to try to glue together but it does work.  I hope my instruction here is OK, and I apologize for the short comings of my video camera.  It likes to shut off at 20 minutes and this video is a few minutes past that.  However, I did manage to splice it together and have one long video for you to view.  Hope you like it.

Stampin' Up! Triangle box


Enjoy the show.

Body Cardstock sizing: 12 by 12
One side: 3 ¾ by 7 ½, 11 ¼ (make a tick mark at 1 7/8, and 9 3/8.
The other side: 3 ¼
3 pieces of 8 ½ by 3 ½

Lid Cardstock sizing: 5 ¼ by 5 5/8
Short side: 1 and 4 ¼
Long side: 1, 4 7/8 (make a short score to the first horizontal score line at 1 inch) at 2 7/8

Hand scoring on both body and lid:
Score with the use of a ruler from corner to the tic marks to make the triangle.

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