Video Friday – 4.5 Inch Rectangle Lidded Box

It’s video Friday again and I have another similar sized box that I did yesterday but it’s very different in construction.  I really like lidded boxes and although last week I featured a flip lid box, I think I may like this one just a little more.  Tell me which one you like best.

Rectangle Lidded Box

4.5 Lidded Box

To make this Project:

Box Lid: 7 9/16 by 4 13/16 inch cardstock
Box: 7.5 by 4 ¾ inch cardstock

1 piece of 4 ¼ by 1 5/8 inch dsp for top
2 pieces of 4 ¼ by 1 ¼ inch dsp for front and back
2 pieces of 1 5/8 by 1 ¼ inch dsp for sides


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