What people are saying….

“You are amazing!! I had planned to spend the day in my craft room making cards, I open my email and “what to my wondering eyes should appear”, but so many tutorials I could be days……. You certainly have great customer service. I can’t believe all the perks I get just for shopping with you.  Thank you so much.” Cathy Dahl

“I have to tell you I absolutely love your PP alternative videos! Of all the ones I watch yours is the first I look for every month. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. If I didn’t live in the US I’d certainly get my PP thru you!”  Fran Smith

“Great card ideas, uses many different techniques, a true artist!!”  Debbie Lundeen

“Her creativity and side stories are enjoyable. The video tutorials are quick and easy to follow!”  Corina Razo

“Susanne’s on-line card classes are terrific! I can’t believe how much information she’s included in them. There is a separate video for each card she has created in the class, and these videos are full of tips on making the cards as well as her ideas on skills and techniques for card design, color choices and using tools. Susanne has produced classes which thoroughly explain everything but do not waste time.”  Kathy L

“She is amazing in her teaching videos and all she does.. love her…” Sharon B

“A wonderful demo!! I check in on your social media outlets daily, so I don’t miss anything. You are pleasant to listen to, OUTSTANDING instructions and professional looking projects/cards.  PLEASE never quit!! you are dependable to inspire me on a daily basis.” Jamie P

“I absolutely love all your videos!!! You are a true artist! I also thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor! You are an inspiration!” Janet K

“Thank you for sharing your amazing inspiration, skills and creativity so generously… again! I love your creations and you have the most lovely, graceful way of presenting! I think you are quite minimalist and your style is very pleasant in terms of the sales side, and if lived in Canada I would love to have you as my demonstrator! I look forward to your PP Alternatives eagerly every month (this collection is AWESOME) as well as your other videos … your time and effort in sharing these is very much appreciated.”  Jo-Ann D