What people are saying….

“You are amazing!! I had planned to spend the day in my craft room making cards, I open my email and “what to my wondering eyes should appear”, but so many tutorials I could be days……. You certainly have great customer service. I can’t believe all the perks I get just for shopping with you. Thank you so much.” Cathy D

“I have to tell you I absolutely love your PP alternative videos! Of all the ones I watch yours is the first I look for every month. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. If I didn’t live in the US I’d certainly get my PP thru you!” Fran S

“Great card ideas, uses many different techniques, a true artist!!” Debbie L

“Her creativity and side stories are enjoyable. The video tutorials are quick and easy to follow!” Corina R

“Susanne’s on-line card classes are terrific! I can’t believe how much information she’s included in them. There is a separate video for each card she has created in the class, and these videos are full of tips on making the cards as well as her ideas on skills and techniques for card design, color choices and using tools. Susanne has produced classes which thoroughly explain everything but do not waste time.” Kathy L

“She is amazing in her teaching videos and all she does.. love her…” Sharon B

“A wonderful demo!! I check in on your social media outlets daily, so I don’t miss anything. You are pleasant to listen to, OUTSTANDING instructions and professional looking projects/cards. PLEASE never quit!! you are dependable to inspire me on a daily basis.” Jamie P

“I absolutely love all your videos!!! You are a true artist! I also thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor! You are an inspiration!” Janet K

“Thank you for sharing your amazing inspiration, skills and creativity so generously… again! I love your creations and you have the most lovely, graceful way of presenting! I think you are quite minimalist and your style is very pleasant in terms of the sales side, and if lived in Canada I would love to have you as my demonstrator! I look forward to your PP Alternatives eagerly every month (this collection is AWESOME) as well as your other videos … your time and effort in sharing these is very much appreciated.” Jo-Ann D


“Hi Susanne, Yes I’m cyber stalking your PP alternatives again. First, because as I’ve said before, you are the most creative and inspirational demo with your alternative ideas. And second, because I crack up every time with your humor as you craft your master pieces. Thank you for always making my day. I loved the shaker card.” Geann K

“I’ve watched a lot of SU demonstrators on line here and there… but you are in my top, tippity top 3. You are cards on the table straight forward and simple but often surprising in your simplicity, direct and so pleasant to watch and listen to. You keep things brief and thorough and best of all… repeatable. Sorry to say, I’m in USA but I so look forward to your time shared.” Ve

“Today I rec’d my card kit as well as Diva pkg…it was like Christmas. I was amazed with the Diva pkg and had so much fun looking at each component as well as watching the videos. I want you to know how much I value how you have welcomed me into your team, and all the little surprises that arrive. Obviously you are a busy lady with your salon business as well as SU so that fact that you take the time to cut out and send the kits and make videos is truly wonderful. In a world where sometimes not a lot recognition is made of someone’s hard work I just want to say you are so appreciated. Hugs” Pat

“Hi, my name is Patti B and I live in Spokane, WA. I’ve been following your website for a little while maybe 6 months or so and find your tutorials to be some of the best. I know you don’t sell to the US, but I would buy from you if you did. I expect that a lot of people watch your site but thought you should know how much you are appreciated.
Thank you again, Patti”

“You are AMAZING, and evidently have been for years!!!  I was organizing my stamping stuff…as you do.  So I went through the stacks of swaps I have received over the years.
Yesterday, I picked up a card and was overwhelmed by the beauty, detail and cleverness. When I turned it over – it was yours! I put it in my ”give to someone” box.  Today I opened an earlier swap box.  And there it was.  When I traded for this, I hadn’t opened it immediately (so I couldn’t tell you this then and there). When I got home, I was overwhelmed by your amazing talent and your generosity! Although 3-D swaps are often done well, you made this for everyone willing to swap.  This was a special gift from you. And I didn’t even realize how much, years later, I would respect you, your work ethic, your friendliness, and your talent.  Thank you again for sharing bits of you every week. Know you are truly appreciated.
I am grateful I found you at last.  Thank you.”  Debbie F

“Oh my goodness WOW!!! Susanne you absolutely spoil me and the rest of your team. I deeply appreciate you and your efforts. Thank You!!!” Cheryl

“I got all the projects from the Many Messages class last weekend. I want to say thank you for all the work you put into preparing the supplies you sent and for providing the videos on “how to”. I am really happy with how all the projects turned out.” Judy M

“Susanne is an amazing team leader! I’ve been on her team for over 2 yrs now and she really is amazing. I joined for the discount and I will tell you Susanne never pressures us to sell if we don’t want to. I love being on her team and it is truly a great bunch of ladies. Thanks Susanne :)” Tracy

This was a few comments from my team members after one of the Team Meetings. The comments speak for themselves. Super happy to have happy team members.