My Art Gallery

Wonderwork Wednesday is where I get to play.  I have no agenda, I do this work for me and I film it because I think there may be people out there that are interested.  That being said…the projects in this gallery are my art.  If you like it, great and if you don’t like it, that’s OK too.  Being a card maker and a paper crafter doesn’t always mean one will be interested in mixed media or art journalling.  I am learning through these pages of my art journal and  there are pages I like and some not so much but all of them gave me an opportunity to use products and techniques and I learned from that.  I love using big bulky embellishments and I found that trying to keep everything flat was a challenge. I think the most helpful thing is to have a clear idea of a quote as a starting point, a specific technique and a colour way you want to use.  My most favorite pages had those 3 things from the get go.  Inspiration for me comes from everywhere…who knows what I will come up with on these days?

Wonderwork Wednesdays 2017

Click on the photo to get to the gallery or click the link and watch the art process that goes on.

Wonderwork Wednesday 2014-2016


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