I have been sick

Just a heads up on where I have been this week. In bed with a bad head cold and a sore throat. I won’t be posting anything this week but will have content for you next week. So sorry. You wouldn’t have been able to hear me anyway. I sound like a frog.

Cheers Su.

14 thoughts on “I have been sick

  1. Margaret Parsons

    Susanne, it sounds to me as if you may have covid. Get tested, and take care of yourself. ________________________________

    1. Susanne Post author

      Aw, in this day and age it was the first thing I did. I have tested myself now 10 times over the span of 2 weeks and no it’s not covid. What it is, is a really bad head cold where I have lost my voice and have a sinus congestion. I am taking it easy and trying not to get too stressed.

  2. Lynn Klitzke

    Chicken soup helps. The best thing is snuggling with kitties. Hope you will be feeling better real soon! ☺


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