Changes coming!

Have you noticed how it seems that we are paying more for less these days? The price of groceries, gas and goods have gone up in and it’s near impossible to get a good deal lately!

Fear not friendly crafter, I am excited to offer a little extra to my customers starting this month. In addition to the card kits, and the loyalty reward program that I offer to customers who shop with me I will also be sending along a FREE GIFT of products too.

Instead of a giveaway for one person each month (as I have done in the past) NOW everyone who shops with me will get a little something special while ordering online.

The gift will be sent with the card kit of the month (except for this month’s shoppers as they will be given something next month).

I hope this offsets any price increases that you may have incurred whist shopping online with me and please know that I am ever grateful for choosing me as your demonstrator. I promise to strive to make your crafting pennies stretch to the maximum. Thank you for your patronage and loyalty. I appreciate you so much.

Susanne from

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