A snippit of the event “Crafting at the Lakehouse”

Hey everyone, I am currently editing Monday’s Video but we are having fire alarm testing in my apartment so the voice over isn’t going as planned. In the mean time I thought I would share with you what the event looked like.

If you would like to be notified of the next Lakehouse Event at the end of June, and if all goes well the end of September then please fill out the form below. This form does not ensure you a spot (it’s first come first serve) but it will get you the early bird info to decide if you want to join us at the Lakehouse.


1 thought on “A snippit of the event “Crafting at the Lakehouse”

  1. Sharon Forshner

    Wow looks like a pile of fun for all of you.. so organized for sure and i am not surprised to see that. i wish it could be taken from not attending but online.. love it and the make and takes would be awesome to do and have.. looks awesome for sure dear Susanne.. what a busy gal you always are…. hugs to you for all you do and give to everyone….. Happy Valentines day today too…


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