Home for the Holidays?

The Home for the Holidays Creative Escape event is now open for orders today.

What is it?

It’s a creative escape for when the holidays are winding down and you find yourself wandering the house in your pajamas eating cheese and wondering what day it is. This is the perfect thing to treat yourself with. Craft a little for an afternoon or order a lot to keep you occupied and away from the turnkey leftovers.

How much?

They are $3 each or 4 for $10. What is included is all the supplies needed to make the card minus the ink or sentiment stamp (you can use what you have on hand).

What’s included:

You will receive all the supplies you need to create the card design(s) you have chosen (including an envelope) except the ink and stamps. You can use what you have on hand. You will get a simple PDF emailed to you as well.

Here is the form to fill out in case you are interested in any of the card design kits.


Here are the pictures of the card designs, note the card # and then click the link to order the card design kits. I will email you with your total cost plus a small shipping cost.

First batch of kits being sent out this Thursday. PDF email will be on the weekend.

I hope you have fun and get inspired for your holiday break! There is limited stock. This is a while supplies last thing for sure. Once the design packages are sold there will not be any more made at this time.

Here are more pictures of the cards and the stamp sets I have used.

Product List

Sweet Ice Cream Photopolymer Stamp Set

Sweet Ice Cream Photopolymer Stamp Set

Here is the link to the form again to order the “Home for the Holidays” card design kits. https://forms.gle/Fyn98SM4WetRbzLR6

Thank you ever so much for your support to my small business. I hope you get inspired and have fun. Keep calm and craft on.


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