A little bit about my story…

The Annual Catalogue is LIVE!

The NEW Stampin’ Up! Canada 2021-2022 Annual Catalogue is LIVE! My online store is fully stocked with brand new cardmaking and papercrafting supplies for you. 

I have laid out some of the online classes I will be featuring from this catalogue, make sure you check the Classes page before you run off to shop.

The thing is, I have a long list, as I am sure you do too. I can’t think of a better way to get all of the amazing new products without having a discount. As a customer you most likely would like to get all the high quality things for a fraction of the cost. I have said this time and time before how the best deal is to get the starter kit.

To make your crafting budget stretch as far as it can, you’ll want to purchase the Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit. Right now there’s even MORE value in the Starter Kit until May 31st! Check this out…for $135 you’ll get:

  • $206 in products of your choice (yes, anything YOU want!)
  • Paper Pumpkin Kit
  • Catalogues & Business Supplies
  • and your kit ships free!!

When you purchase the Starter Kit with me, you’ll become a member of my fun and talented team of crafters, the Sunndown Stampers and boy these girls are a hoot! Please join my Stampin’ Up!® Sunndown Stampers team and get the awesome customizable starter kit HERE. It’s the best bundle ever!

We are spread all across Canada from coast to coast. We’d love to welcome you and would love to share our stamping community with you! This is why we have so much fun.

  • We have a private Facebook group where we connect and share our masterpieces!
  • We have a monthly Facebook live team gathering!
  • We have team crafting zoom gatherings!
  • My team members earn access to all of my online classrooms (past, present and future)!
  • All team members get access to ALL of my tutorials!
  • We have monthly creative challenges – with prizes!!!
  • I spoil my team with special rewards as they progress in their hobby or business demonstrator ship! There is training and support if you wish.
  • I do not PRESSURE anyone TO SELL. This is a community based team and folks are treated as a person not a number or a $ symbol. I genuinly care about my team and wish the best for them.

I have a whole page devoted to this topic. I would love for you to take a look. Perhaps you are on the edge and would like to know more…please click below for all the information you may need.

I love cardmaking and I love to share my knowledge with friends. I want to assist my team to develop in whatever capacity they choose. Whether they are interested in the discount (I mean who’s kidding, everyone wants a deal) or are looking for a community of like minded creators, or perhaps some of you would like a little side business to earn a little for yourself while you craft your time away. Maybe you dream of earing one of the fantastic incentive trips and taking your Stampin’ Up! business to a full time income. No matter what you want, or when you need it…I am there for my team. We are a community. It’s a great feeling of belonging.

Bexlee Speed 2000-2014

My story isn’t a typical one but it’s mine. I signed up to be a demonstrator because I needed to pour my focus into something positive because my best furry friend and roommate of 13 years passed away. I was so upset. The silence in my apartment was deafening. My sadness was at a all time low and I felt if I didn’t pour my attention into some thing creative or I felt I would spiral down. So I signed up and started to blog right away. It gave me purpose. I taught myself quite a bit while I was working with the blog. I learned all about lighting, videoing, editing, doing voice overs, photography and all the things that I needed to do to share the fun of paper crafting to the viewer. Little did I know I was setting myself up to be someone who could share all this knowledge to others. I have helped quite a few of my stamping friends get started online and trust me they get the easy route as I took the long route.

Now, I am happy to report that the community that surrounds me is very organic and full of love, laughter and life. Some of us are the crazy ones that make you laugh and shake your heads at our weirdness. Some of us are go getters and do everything wrong but often things turn out all right in the end. Some of us are quiet and non tech savvy and some of us are office divas with a how to knowledge. Some of us have been in other teams in the past but felt that it wasn’t the right fit, but we found something here that is “just right”. There is no judgement, no pressure and we are known by our names and not by our sales. We believe in people first here. We love creativity, sharing and lifting one another up.

I didn’t know that when I first started a little over 7 years ago that I would have created a community that has become such a HUGE part of my life. I am deeply grateful for this wild and crazy team of talented, and like minded Canadians.

If you would like to be apart of this team…please sign up today. Get the deal, and then jump down the rabbit hole of fun and friendship with the Sunndown Stampers! We would love to have you.

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