A little Update

Hello. I have been very busy at my real job (in case you don’t already know, I am a co-owner of my own salon and it’s busiest in December), and because of that I have had a bit of trouble staying current with my videos and postings. As all of us know, pivoting around the situation in the world has made quite an impact on things and it’s exhausting. That being said, I realize that many of you use my videos as a distraction from what is going on and I take that very seriously.

My projects are made, I just need some time to edit them. You know and have come to love the polished videos that I produce and I am so happy that you do, but it does take time. I thought I would take the pressure off of myself this week, and for next week I will have 2 videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As a little extra Christmas bonus.

For those of you who are my customers, you will find a 3 part FREE ONLINE CLASS on the Facebook Group HERE. I am working to get the 3rd installment this week. I do apologize for being tardy.

For those of you who want the fun perks that I give to my customers, such as: exclusive PDF’s for amazing projects, FREE CARD KITS OF THE MONTH, and loyalty rewards, you can simply shop with me. This action gives you the most recent catalogue sent to you free of charge – NO postage required. Click the little SHOP button below and get some real big savings – right now we have a big Clearance Rack update, where Blends markers are selling for less than $2. We also have a big selection of retiring products that are price reduced greatly.

So again, I hope this helps you get a better bang for your buck and as always I hope you feel cherished and appreciated by me. I will be back next week with double the content.

Blessings to all of you. Stay safe, wear a mask and don’t hug even when you want to! It’s so hard I know….ugh.


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