Wildcard Wednesday cancelled this week.

Sorry kids, there won’t be a wednesday video this week…I work a lot at the salon these days as covid booking is a bit challenging. For example, in the past I could see more clients in a day but because of capacity limits and sanitation protocals I work longer hours and see less clients. I am not complaiing but rather explaining why I seem to be away from the craft desk a lot more. I am just so thankful to be working and earning my way that I don’t mind all the hoops I have to jump through. However, when I get home I am playing catch up and I am struggling for better time management. I am a little tired. Today, I will take this day off the blog and get some much needed rest. I am collecting all the mail that has to go out (like the Diva Day Packages for my team, 2 customer giveaway winners, 1 team challenge winner, many card kits for those of you who shopped with me during FREE SHIPPING during World Card Making Day and there are a few loyalty rewards stamp sets to be mailed out) tomorrow afternoon. I will be fresh to return to the blog and youtube channel to tomorrow evening to create for some content and fulfill my obligations to all the teams I am on. I really have pushed to try to be consistent of late and I think I will eventually get there. Please be patient with the minor hiccups like today. That being said, I have a full playlist of Wednesday videos for you to watch right here. Just click the photo below to watch the full playlist of all the Wildcard Wednesday videos…I bet you haven’t seen them all (all 118 of them).

Thank you for watching and all the lovely comments you leave. I love this community and am so very thank ful for you. Blessings to you. Stay safe and be happy.


Click the pic to visit the playlist.

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