Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for August 2020

Hello everyone.

I think everyone in Canada had their Paper Pumpkin arrive late.  Mine was late and when I finally did get it, I had to put it aside as I was quite busy with personal obligations and then leaders summit.  No excuses but telling like it is…sometimes there are time constraints and I get behind.  This post is certainly that.  It should have been yesterday but it was impossible.

I heard a complaint from a viewer last month so I will endeavour to please.  I will post photos here of my Paper Pumpkin Alternatives along with the video.  Again, I had constraints before because I could only post so many photos before it would cost me money…now I pay for this site and have a bigger space allotment.  I just want to say that I do try to appease everyone but as in life, things can disappoint.

Here is the video as promised.

Here is the link to the Autumn Themed Mega Bundle.

Here is a link to sign up for Paper Pumpkin.

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for August 2020

  1. Debbie Freeman

    Suzanne, I feel so lucky to have found you, I will wait patiently for anything you’d like to share with me! Well, I do wait with bated breath. So today, I’m just too excited to eat supper! Thank you. You never fail to impress me with your style and inventiveness. You are actually about the only demo I watch. I hope you enjoyed leadership and used your champagne glasses well!

  2. Kandis Becher

    I always look forward to your alternative paper pumpkin ideas. I just got around to finding the time to watch this August kit. Can’t wait to find time this weekend to play with my Paper Pumpkin. Thank you so much for the inspiration that you bring to us all.


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