A little break

Hey there.  Just letting you know that I did not get it together enough to film the card kit of the month video this weekend.  I am a little exhausted to be honest.  I was going to do it this evening but my Mom called and we had a nice chat.  It’s important to connect with family.  I will have that video up on Wednesday.

What you do need to know is that I have not been slacking.  I have written a newsletter full with a lot of information that I do not think you will want to miss.  Here is the link for that.

June Newsletter that you don’t want to miss

Just a formal note that the product share is still happening and I will do my best to order as soon as I can so we all get our shares ASAP.  For more information on the product shares please visit THE SHARE PAGE.

Emails with PDF tutorials will be coming in the next few days for the amazing customers and paper pumpkin subscribers that shopped with me this month.  I am still waiting for them to be compiled.   The card kit video will come on Wednesday but just for your own reference this month’s Host Code is:

You will be able to view the catalogue on my blog on June 3 so if you haven’t gotten a physical one you can download one to your computer or mobile device easily.  It will be on the side bar and I most likely will have it really visible for the first week.  🙂

Thank you again for allowing me a wee break.  I have been trying my best to do all the things but I can barely keep my eyes open.  It’s a weird time right now between catalogues anyway…lol.

Catch you later.  Remember, if you have any questions please email me at sunnstampin@gmail.com.

Bye for now.


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