Monday Makes – A Sneak Peek of new products

Happy day is the day to create with some new items.  These cards are fun, simple to recreate and have my mind spinning with creativity to put it all together.  Hope you like the video, and hope you consider adding the Memories and More card packs to your order.

I don’t have links to these products as they won’t be available until June 3.  So please just enjoy the show without a lot of sales pitches from me.

The one thing that I do have to offer is my Product Shares.  If you are Canadian please shop with me.  Here are the links to the shares, you may be interested in only one, or all 3.  Sign up today!  Check them out below.

Product Share Schedule:

June 1, 2020: Deadline to pay (if you don’t pay, you will lose your place)

June 3, 2020: Paper Share order placed with Stampin’ Up!

June 15 to 21 approx times may change due to covid-19 precautions: Paper Share is prepped and carefully shipped (assuming there are no back orders)

Product Shares ARE time sensitive.  Shares only happen at the very beginning of any new catalouge publication so you get the full use of the share BEFORE it retires.  If you love something and run out of it quickly then you know to get shopping for more of that product.

What are the current shares available?

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