Wreath Builder Template

Hello friends.

On Wednesday I shared with you a card that was pretty cool and one needed a template to create it.  Today I have the video ready to share with you on how to make the template.  There is no card today.  You may have noticed that I didn’t post on Friday either and I have good reason.  I had to spend a lot of time with my business partner chatting about how things are going to start back up for us.  I had some research and calls to make.  I am almost ready to open the doors of our salon again after 2 months off.  Which means I need to do some real scheduling and trying to set myself up for some balance in the future.  I know my day job will be pretty demanding for the next weeks ahead.  I will say this, I do not have an exact date as to when I am opening.  Perhaps May 19 but it all depends on our supplies and PPE that we can get our hands on.  Orders have been made, things have been paid for, waiting patiently.  That being said, I will still be isolating as much as possible until the curve is flattened.  Which means I may have time to still do some extra videos just for fun.  This series has been fun and I am glad I was able to share less highly processed videos to you.

Here we go with the project today.  Thanks for watching, thumbs upping and subscribing.


3 thoughts on “Wreath Builder Template

  1. Lynn Klitzke

    Thank you Susanne for this great video. You make it look so easy. Being stuck inside as you mentioned, at least we have our kitties to play with. I bet yours love having you home. Thank you also for mentioning that the washi tape isn’t in the new catalog. I didn’t notice that. ☺


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