Wildcard Wednesday – Peaceful Moments

Hi everyone.  Hope you are all ok.  I am thinking of you all and hope to do a live video on YouTube soon.  Not sure when I can schedule it yet.  I have meetings with my teams this weekend and I may be all talked out.  Lol.  I have been out and about today, I shopped for my Mom who needed a little extra from the stores.  I got her a Gerber daisy to cheer her up.  Almost in the same colours as the background of the card!  It was really pretty.  Then I shopped for my biz partner and did an errand for her…I dropped stuff off at her place and didn’t even see her…we texted instead.  Lol.  Then I ran up to my best friends place…I rang the bell and stepped away from the door so he couldn’t even see me through the peep hole.  I dropped him off fresh bread (it’s my new thing apparently).  If anyone has a great recipe for home made bread like grandma used to make please email me at sunnstampin@gmail.com please.  I was not happy with this no knead bread at all.  It did not rise well but I didn’t use bread flour either.  Flour is in high demand right now.  I barely found yeast!!!

Anyway, that is the reason why I am sharing a bit late.   Loads of errands and helping others out.  Although the streets were bare, the shopping took longer than expected and all the precautions I took with masks and gloves with sanitation in between to make sure everyone was safe took a lot of time.  I’m exhausted.  Lol.   Here is the card for today I hope you like it and I hope you get a little inspired. Check it out.

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