Guilty Pleasure

Hey everyone,

I thought I would share a guilty pleasure of mine.  It’s one of the YouTube channels I follow.  This fellow Joshua Alexander lives near Edmonton and is a Finger Paint Artist as well as a maker of odd things using recycled metal.  I have watched him for a while now and I just really relate to him. His logo? is Ushitat (it means maker in Cree) and I thought it was neat.  I will put some of his links below but I thought you would be interested in his “Fan Mail” video because one day I decided to made some cards for him!  His reaction is priceless and honestly his eyes light up when he sees the design.

Check out his video below (I have linked to where he starts opening the package I sent to him).

Follow his Instagram accounts for more painting and making.

  • For his reclaimed metal creations @usihtat
  • For his finger painting @myhandsgallery
  • If you’d like to buy something hand made by Josh email him –

Watching this fellow, and his friend Alex from Curiosity Ink are my little guilty pleasures.  It’s nice to watch someone else making the fun things.  Totally not card makers but still goofy and fun Canadians.

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Sharon

    Wow! How cool is that?!?! You can see the genuine amazement and awe if your talent in his face! Something we’ve known for awhile! 😉


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