Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for September 2019

For those of you lovely folks who waited patiently thank you!

I encourage you to sign up for the next 2 months as these coordinating kits will knock your socks off.  Of course I give all my customers an exclusive PDF filled with more alternative ideas each month.

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2 thoughts on “Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for September 2019

  1. Edie Telenko

    Hi Susanne,
    Once again, you’ve done an awesome job on the Halloween Paper Pumpkin alternative! Just a question regarding the sponges you purchased from Amazon. I’ve searched the website and can only find an assortment of those sponges in different sizes. Can you provide me with a link? I’m not crazy about the sponges that Stampin Up sells now, they are not a good as the original sponges they used to carry when I first became a demonstrator.

    Many thanks, again love, love, love your work!

    1. Susanne Post author

      Yes it was one of those.  No I can’t remember.  Just grab the cheapest one, that is what I did.  Good luck. Susanne


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