Crafting at the Lake House Retreat

Hello Stampers.

I know I have seen a little distant lately and I have missed a few posts here on the blog but it’s for good reason.  The first reason is, well…I am not going to say right now but stay tuned for a little insight in my life next month, the second reason is I have been knee deep in work for my very first Lake House Retreat.

I have 17 attendees and we will have so much crafting fun and joyous times.  I am currently making food for the event and having loaded up my tiny car (picture to come) with boxes and craft supplies, I am almost ready to go!  I will be up early, getting the last minute things started and my guests will arrive around 10 am.  I will take video and loads of pictures and if I am not needed, then I may do a live video as long as the crazy crafters don’t mind.

I am telling you this because a.) I missed Friday’s post and b.) I most likely will miss Monday’s post.  However, I will do the VIP giveaway draw, send out the tutorials to folks and get the Paper Pumpkin tutorials together.  I will have the amazing Card Kit of the Month video together too!  If I have time, I may have the paper pumpkin alternatives by the end of the week (fingers crossed).

I appreciate your patience with me, sometimes live events override the online scene.  I will make an effort next month to get ahead once more and provide constant consistent inspirations for you.

You rock!


2 thoughts on “Crafting at the Lake House Retreat

  1. Dawn Chevrier

    Hi Susanne!

    Don’t apologize you go above and beyond any and I mean any of my local demonstrators ever have! You are amazing and I love your inspiration! If I lived closer I would have signed up for your retreat! One day I plan on signing up with you but not to sell just to be part of your team!

    Thanks again for all you do for us crafters!


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