The End is Near

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2 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. gloria j. girouard

    Hi, Suzanne…
    My name is gloria (notice the “lower case g” — my preference!!), and I live in Connecticut, in the New England section of the U.S. I have “belonged” to Stampin’ Up for many many years, since I discovered a demonstrator-taught class at my local Senior Center, which meets once a month. But due to ill health, I had to stop attending about a year ago.

    I recently “discovered” your Paper Pumpkin Alternatives videos, and I must say, they’ve given me tons of incentives. I’m trying to view all your videos, and I can’t wait to try out some of your cards!

    Every Christmas, I give a package of 10 cards to my best friend of 60+ years (!), which mostly includes those I’ve made in the classes at the Sr. Ctr. However, my supply is drastically depleting, and now I’m hurrying to make some to give her this-coming Christmas. I’m hoping to find some suggestions in your “Alternatives.”

    I do have a demonstrator here in the Northeast, and I think I would feel disloyal to her if I ordered products from you. I hope I can still watch your videos, however, even though I don’t buy from you.

    I do so enjoy your videos–moreso than those from other demonstrators–and if we lived closer, I think we might even be friends. I have a very good friend, who lives Washington State, quite close to the Canada border. She also has an apartment in No. Vancouver, and travels there quite often. She doesn’t make cards, but that doesn’t stop me from encouraging her!!

    Thank you for letting me prattle on, and for inspiring me to get back to card-making. I’ve even signed up for the Sept. class at my Sr. Ctr, that is, if I’m able to get back to driving.

    Thanks again, Suzanne…

    1. Susanne Post author

      Hi gloria. Thank you for your kind letter. Of course you can watch all my videos. You see, I am Canadian and therefore can only sell products to Canadians. I hope you don’t feel left out because of that. I do apologize. It’s the rules. Thank you ever so much for reaching out and saying hi. I hope your lovely friend enjoys the designs you come up with.
      Blessings, Susanne


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