Hello friends and welcome to the first day in August and boy, do I ever have an amazing deal for you.  I am celebrating YOU!  I want to show my gratitude to you, my amazing customers with a deal of FREE SHIPPING.

Of course, this kind of deal has a few rules so I will put them down below.

  1.  In order to shop with me you have to be Canadian.
  2. Demonstrators are excluded from this deal unless your willing to pay full retail price for product.
  3. This cannot be combined with any other class or share that gives another free gift.
  4. Order must be $25 or more.
  5. Customers have to send me their order via email in order to receive FREE SHIPPING.
  6. You can use your coupon codes!
  7. Your shipping will be paid by me, when I place your customer order and only for the month of August.
  8. Purchases here will count towards your loyalty rewards…remember to keep track!
  9. Lastly, this is not a promotion by Stampin’ Up!

To make it easy, I have included this “contact form” so you can easily get your order to me.

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