The incentive trip so far

Hello friends. It’s Wednesday July 10 and I’m in Mykonos. Currently I am writing this exactly at this spot…

My view is pretty awesome too.

It’s windy, sunny and warm. I have seen a few stray cats around.

My posting schedule is a bit off, as I am not really able to do live videos with the crappy Wi-Fi.

The ship is awesome, the food amazing, I’m not sea sick. I’ve been seeing a lot of the demonstrators that you have told me to stalk. I keep running into Genevieve Ko. I’ve visited with Laquita Jackson, Wendy Lee, Donna Gray, Robyn Cardon, Dena Rekow (who’s luggage got lost) and this morning I ran into Kylie and Bruno Bertucci!!! Loads of others too. Happy to meet more folks as the days pass on.

It’s only been this morning that I have finally felt that I’m on holiday. It’s been more of a laid back morning, and this afternoon I shall have a few spa treatments. I never treat myself like that. I took a tour of the spa the first day I got in and it’s beautiful.

I haven’t purchased very much for souvenirs as of yet. I’m not into buying things just for buying things. Perhaps in Athens…I do have some giveaways for you, my lovely customers. FROM THE HOLIDAY CATALOGUE. I’m hoping that some of you will use the host code for this month to earn a card kit and the chance to win.

Also, I do hope you are thinking about joining n. Team. It’s the best time to do it. With the extra extra promotion going on.

Here are some more photos of the lovely trip YOU helped me earn. I have been taking a lot of video to share with you when I get home.

Bye bye.

1 thought on “The incentive trip so far

  1. Kathy Liu

    I’m so happy that you’re having a wonderful time! The videos I’ve seen were fun and I got a great sense of your happiness. Stay well and come home with lots more to share.


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