Wildcard Wednesday – Paper Pumpkin Alternatives

Hello dear friends.  I have been working like a nutter at my craft desk but I have nothing to share with you on that front.  Swaps for the upcoming Onstage event, swaps for my team, swaps for the team I am on, plus gifts and goodies for my team too.  So I have been busy but since the event isn’t until Saturday I can’t share with you.  SO…I saved my poor pathetic Paper Pumpkin video for your viewing pleasure.  I will say this, having kitties makes life a little interesting.  I can’t share any photos and you will find out why when you watch the vid.

Enjoy and please know that I will be back to normal next week with normal regular posts.  Lol…I don’t really think I am normal but you get what I mean right?

1 thought on “Wildcard Wednesday – Paper Pumpkin Alternatives

  1. Kathy L

    Susanne, I’m really sorry you lost all your wonderful cards, but how lucky we are that you still shared the video! Thank you for that. Your ideas are great, and I know I’ll use them for some of my own cards. Have fun at On-Stage!


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