Hi friends.

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what’s been going on.  On January 15 I had a wee surgery on my knee.  I choose January because typically it’s a slower month at the salon.  My surgeon told me that sometimes people return to work after 3 days.  Sadly this was not my case.  The surgery was an hour long instead of 30 minutes that was suggested and it was a little more complicated than anticipated.  That being said, I had a week off of work at the salon.  I went back to work the next week and realized very quickly that I was not healing as quickly as anticipated.  This week I have had to shorten my work hours to a maximum of 4 (which is really hard for me as I do not have the finances to work part time).  I also had to reduce the time that I am to be driving as well.  This wee surgery has had a large impact in my life and things are more than a little out of wack.

In short, it’s very difficult for me to sit at the craft desk for any length of time so it’s now impacting my Stampin’ Up! business too. It really breaks my heart and I wish I had made more content a head of time so I could just edit and post but sadly I did not make 3 weeks of content a head of time.  I am doing my best but I am putting my health first and please know that I am thinking of you and really wish I could do more.

So what this means is that:

  • There will not be a paper pumpkin alternative video this month (it’s impossible) however my customers will get the tutorial bundle this month
  • I will be taking the rest of this week off from creating content for the blog and YouTube channel and hopefully will have short spurts at the craft desk over the weekend.
  • On Feb 1 I will do a Facebook Live video on the SuNN Social VIP for giveaways!!!  If you have shopped with me for the November, December or January you are entered to win.
  • The Butterfly Abounds Online Class will be carried over to February as our planned online class using the Piece of Cake bundle will be moved to March as the products are on back order from Stampin’ Up!
  • Monthly Card kit how to video will air next week but the host code is live now. However, I still have January’s kit and will send them until the video for the new one is posted.
  • Diva Day for my team is postponed until March (sorry team…I tried)
  • Local class was cancelled for this month…next class scheduled for Sunday, Feb 24 at 1 pm

One last thing, there will be a new release of Saleabration products on February 15 and they are not to be missed.  I do hope you will still consider doing business with me even though I am a little quite here on the internet.  I do very much appreciate your business and will strive to hard to recover quickly so I can get back to the craft desk.

As much as I would like to keep the momentum up with my crafty business it’s literally impossible and I very much appreciate your patience and understanding.  Please know that as soon as I can I will have content to inspire you.

Thank you for your time,



19 thoughts on “Update

  1. Tracy McMillan

    Your health is of the utmost priority and your customers, friends and family understand this. I wish I were a neighbour to help you out. xo

  2. Lynn Klitzke

    Than you for posting your concerns. I’m glad that you know when to take care of yourself. The kitties must love being with you and are comforting you. Take care. ☺

  3. Gayla Wilson

    Oh my goodness! Don’t worry about us. Just take care of yourself. I am a fellow demonstrator who loves your work! You are so amazing and gifted! You make everything look so easy. Your health break will just cause all of us to appreciate you more !

  4. saldonald59

    Thoughts and prayers are with you Su. I pray by taking care of yourself you will be better that much faster. I wish I could do something to help but vacation calls 🙁 hugs!♥️

  5. Cathy Dahl

    Take care of yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery. We will all still be right here when you’re ready to get back to papercrafting.

  6. Brooke Berger

    I am so sorry you are having these difficulties! Rest, relax and keep your leg up. I’m sure that everyone understands that real life sometimes interferes with plans. I’m the loyal watcher who introduced myself to you in Orlando.

  7. Sharon Forshner Bibby

    Dear Susanne,
    I am so sorry to hear of how it has been for you with the knee surgery you had and how it has affected everything in your life.. work and creation and life in general.. that is tough with financial difficulties added to it.. you do beautiful work. so remember that is always there for you no matter when it will happen.. the most important thing as you probably already know and have been told by those that know you well, love you and care deeply…..LOOK AFTER YOU FIRST! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT your many customers as they will be at your back always to encourage you and understand you… .. i am a newbie who just started to look at your site and have enjoyed it a lot… so wishing you well in every way.. i have had two full knee replacements and deal with many other health challenges today, I am not a young gal anymore.. so know i am thinking of you and praying for your recovery knowing that better things are to come for you.. hugs to you gal..Love, Sharon

  8. Woodland Park Elemenatry

    I have been checking every few hours for your new posts since we have been out of school for 3 days for an illness break then two bonus days for weather and knew something was wrong. Take care of yourself and know you are being missed. Prayers for a complete and speedier recovery.


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