Wildcard Wednesday – Ziltch

Kids, I am too sick to craft!  I have been so tired with this darn cold that I go home from work and zonk out with the kitties.  I am slowly getting better but I haven’t gotten crafty this week.  I have loads of ideas but sadly I can’t get them to fruition.  I am so sorry.  I did manage to write up another newsletter and you are going to want to read it. There is also some inspirational content from the Artisan Team in there as well.  I am thinking of you.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE NEWSLETTER!

Here is a picture of me and Quinn the Crafting Kitty taking it easy on the couch.  Ugh. Don’t I look sick?  I will have content for you next week.

Take care and I will see you on Monday with some new stuff!




  1. Hi Su, sorry you’re still feeling poorly, you poor thing 😦 Hope Quinn is looking after you and giving you plenty of cuddles to keep you warm. Feel better soon my dear friend, I send you a big hug and lots of love. K x

  2. Feel better soon! Although you say it’s too hot here, I wish you could be sitting in this Central Florida sunshine soaking up Vitamin D to speed your healing.

  3. Poor Susanne, I’m really sorry to hear you are feeling terrible. Continue to hug your kitties and get as much rest as possible. We will be waiting patiently for your return.

  4. Take care my dear. I hope you are feeling better soon. Get lots of rest, we’ll all be here when you are better. Plus you just had a really big week so you really do deserve a break.

    Sending hugs, get better. Brenda

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