Monday Makes – A whole bunch of Swaps

Hey there,  today I am sharing the cards that I traded with other Demonstrators at Stampin’ Up!’s big birthday party in Orlando Florida last week.  It’s a long video but it’s chocked full of inspirations from so many demonstrators that I would definitely advise to watch it when you have a chance.  I don’t have any still pictures so it’s video only inspirations.  I thank you for watching and being flexible enough to try something new.

Have a great day.


7 thoughts on “Monday Makes – A whole bunch of Swaps

  1. Adele Madden

    Hello, Suzanne! Just watched your video on your Orlando swaps. I’m a demo in DE (Delaware) USA and MD stands for Maryland, a neighboring state. Loved seeing your swaps and your Paper Pumpkin videos!

  2. Brooke Berger

    I so enjoyed meeting you at On Stage. I love that you hated the humidity,lol. As I’m from the Gulf Coast of Alabama I was happy to go south and find weather that was 10 degrees warmer. As I’m originally from Missouri the lack of snow down here pleases me greatly. Your videos are a constant inspiration. The swaps in this video were terrific. Congrats on Greece and I hope to see you again at some point.

  3. ebedigian

    Susanne, you are a panic! Love your logic and sense of humor.
    While there must be a gazillion “doctors” there, the M.D. in this case refers to the state of Maryland, on the east coast, in the neighborhood of Washington, D.C.. Not that far away from Orlando. Probably more than you ever wanted or needed to know but, there you are… So glad you enjoyed yourself at On Stage.
    Thanks for sharing, and get better!!!


    Hi Susanne, loved all the cards,my guess MD_Maryland,MN_Minnesota, it was interesting seeing all the talent displayed in cards.



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