No Fabricate Friday Post or Video

Hi folks.  I have taken the day off today. There is a lot going on behind the scenes today.  I had done several LIVE videos this week, team stuff and VIP stuff.  Time slipped away from me.  I have a massive promotion for world card making day.  If you got the email then you know what I mean.  It took a lot of extra time to set that promo up but as far as I can tell, it will operate how I want it to.  The email will go out first thing at 12 am PT on Saturday and the link to the classes on sale will be active for exactly 24 hours.  I hope those of you who asked me for this promotion are happy.  If you would like to read about this promotion, the link to the email is below.  It’s a big promotion and I have never done it before.  Thank you for hanging out with me and shopping with me.  I will have new content next week along with some amazing new classes!

World Card Making Day Promotion by SuNN Stampin’ 

If you are just hearing about my email club, you are welcome to join.  HERE

PS.  Yes, those are my pun’kins.  I made them several years ago and have given them as autumnal gifts each year.  These are the ones I have left.   I was unable to display them in my old apartment as I did not have space.  I am blessed with my new apartment, so I can display them and create a sense of “home”.  My advice is to decorate for every season as it helps to turn a gloomy day bright.  I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend.  I hope you spend it with someone you care about.  I will be with my Mom and my eldest sister and her family.  I am so grateful for having a place of belonging and also to all of you and this lovely “jobby” I have with Stampin’ Up!

Cheers, Susanne



    • Susanne, Happy Thanksgiving! Nothing like your family, is there? I’m so very happy your made your goal and will be going on the fabulous Greek Isles cruise. You have surely earned it, lady!
      My thanks to you for the wonderful teaching & techniques you share with us. Always a pleasure to watch your tutorials and read your blog posts.

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