Another Monday Post

Hey there.  I was just asked by one of my lovely customers if I would facilitate a ribbon share.  So, I put feelers out and a few people seemed interested.  This is the first time I have done a ribbon and embellishment share.  It will be a learning experience for everyone.  I had to really read the catalogue in order to make sure I will be able to order enough of everything to create a decent share.  However, I believe that not only did I succeed in a comprehensive sampling but have come up with a very affordable price point.  I have linked the share to their corresponding registration page, feel free to pop by and see EXACTLY what is included in each of the shares.  I would love it if you signed up as well.

6″x6″ Paper Share $46 shipping & Taxes included

6″x12″ Paper Share $87 shipping & taxes included

Ribbon Share $26 shipping & taxes included

Embellishment Share  $40 shipping & taxes included

Each share included a unique FREE GIFT from me and a very big thank you for choosing me as your demonstrator.  I have now created a page entitled The Share Page and you will find it under the Products menu.  The share page will describe to you how it all works.  I hope that all this sharing makes you feel cared for.  Sharing is caring after all!


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