Finally, the Paper Pumpkin Alternatives I have made are aired!

Sometimes life gets in the way.  Things happen that we can’t control and things in our life gets messy.  Repercussions of this are that some things get pushed to the back burner.  This is life.  I don’t enjoy when things like this happen and put my schedule off but this is why the Paper Pumpkin Alternative video is not as timely as it usually is.  As I state in the video I do not really have a set time when this video airs each month but I usually get it done pretty quickly and I am very consistent in that.  So I apologize that I am not my usual self. To those of you who have emailed me and messaged me asking why it was late…all I have to say is that I am sorry.  This has been a real crazy month and I am trying to do my best.

My Paper Pumpkin Subscribers get an additional dozen (give or take) alternatives tutorials sent to them via email.  I will also share a bonus video on my VIP Facebook site.  This is so that the people who sign up with me get a wonderful selection of alternatives so that they can have a place to start to get creative with this box.

Right now there is a sale running.

Fine Details

  • Promotion is for new subscribers only
  • Offer is available March 11–May 10, 2018
  • Offer runs for 2 months
  • Use code SAVEFIFTY0418 at checkout
  • Discount is applied to one kit per month for the first two month of a new subscription.
    • How it works: A new customer can subscribe during April’s subscription period from March 11–April 10 or May’s subscription period from April 11–May 10 and receive the discount. If a new customer subscribes during April’s subscription period they will receive 50% off their subscription when billed in April and May. If a new subscriber subscribes during May’s subscription period they will receive 50% off their subscription when billed in May and June. If a customer suspends during their 2-month discount period, they will receive their discount during the first 2 months in which they reactivate.
  • Does not apply to prepaid codes

I would very much like to be your Paper Pumpkin Demonstrator so if you would like to try the Paper Pumpkin the time is now.  Here is the link.

Sign Up today :

At long last, here is the Paper Pumpkin Alternative Video.


One thought on “Finally, the Paper Pumpkin Alternatives I have made are aired!”

  1. It is unfair that you should have to apologize to some of your viewers. They should be able to wait, anything could be happening in anyones life to alter the time that videos are posted. Do they know about all the other videos you post throughout the week????? Just not fair. You are awesome !!!!! , Debbie


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