Paper Share

Hello there.  Are you interested in participating in a paper share?  I encourage you to consider registering for my Occasions Catalog Paper Share.  This is my first time ever doing a share so I am hoping that it will go over well with my amazing customers.

For more information and pictures CLICK HERE or find the link in my menu bar.

Thanks for your consideration.



One thought on “Paper Share”

  1. Hi Susanne!

    Love the idea of a paper share! Just checking my email before bed-its almost 11:30 pm here- and saw this link. I’ve registered on the event, what’s the next step? Are you waiting to see if there’s enough interest in the share before going forward?

    Getting hit with a pretty nasty storm right now but it’s supposed to turn to rain and 8C by morning. Hope you’re enjoying the chilly winter in the valley! I can’t wait to go back home!



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