A little news

Hi crafty friends.

Normally I would have some inspiration for you today but I decided to take the last week of November off.  If you remember I had a bit of a flood in my apartment in the summer and pretty much the day I got back into the place, I started Christmas Crush because I felt it was important to give ideas for the holidays with enough time to shop for them.  So basically I have been running non stop 5 videos a week for 5 weeks and adding a few more into the mix if you want to count Paper Pumpkin inspiration.  So anyway, I decided to take this next week off, to finish some final touches to my apartment, decorate for Christmas, maybe have a evening of binge watching tv…you know…nest and rest.  A little RNR if you will.   Hope you don’t mind.  I will be back Dec 4 and will have some great projects for you (most likely from the new Catalogue).  I promise I will be back with a bang.

In the meantime, I think I may pop on Facebook and do a live video as I finally have a new internet provider.  Click here if you want to subscribe to me on Facebook.  It most likely will be in an evening or on the weekend.  The thing is I will not be uploading any Facebook lives to YouTube.  I believe each social media platform deserves its own content so if you do subscribe to me on Facebook, know you won’t see what I share anywhere else.  🙂  I’ll give you notice on Facebook the 24 hours before, so hopefully you will join me.

Anyway, enough about me and social media.  Do you know that it’s FREE shipping at Stampin’ Up! today?  Today only.  Click the button to shop 24/7and pay nothing to have it shipped to your house.  🙂


2 thoughts on “A little news

  1. Kathy L

    Good for you, Susanne! A vacation is just what you need after the events of the last weeks/months. I’ll look forward to your return, and hope to see your live Facebook video.


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