1 hour reminder

Knowing the popularity of this type of product, I know the window of opportunity and for reservations will open and close fairly fast.  I just want everyone to know that if you miss this window there will be more later.

But I know that you my lovely customers will most likely want this product in your hands as fast as you can get it so it’s my job to remind you that the window to reserve your Stamparatus is in 1 hour.

Here again is the step by step tutorial on how to reserve your Stamparatus.

Click the button above to head to the online store.


4 thoughts on “1 hour reminder

  1. Lisa Hartery

    Thanks for the reminder! Didn’t do me any good though, I got caught up at work decorating Christmas trees! Many alarms will be set for Dec 5! 😆

  2. Christine Fossett

    So, I was working and didn’t get online till a couple of hours later and of course missed it.

    Any chance you snagged an extra one I can buy from you?




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