Hick up

Hi all. I’ve had a little hick up in the posts for this week. A lot of work is being done on my apartment this week and I’ve had to vamoose. The disappointing news is that things won’t be straightened up till next week. For all of those who have suggested that they would love to support me please know I have 3 online classes that are available for purchase regardless of what country you live in. Click here for that info https://sunnstampin.com/online-class-offering/ .  I’m had hoped that I would be able to manage this blog without interruption but it seems these last days are more challenging that I thought. Wish me luck, stay tuned. I will hit the ground running when things are back to normal. 

Thanks for your support. 



9 thoughts on “Hick up

  1. kfliu

    Hi Susanne, I’m very sorry to hear that one more thing has happened to your dream of settling back to normal! All I am able to do now is reassure you that I will wait patiently, but with great anticipation, for your return. Please don’t overdo yourself. Fondly,Kathy Liu 

    1. Susanne Post author

      Thanks Kathy. It will be almost 50 days from start to finish of this ordeal. This last week is wearing on me. Love that I have so much support from all you wonderful crafters out there.

  2. Barbara Watkins

    I am really looking forward to knowing that you and the kitties are back home, as much as you are no doubt. Wishing you well and sending love and happiness.

    1. Susanne Post author

      It’s not happening until next week. Maybe Oct 11 but I have a feeling that it may be a few days past that.

  3. Brooke Berger

    I was happy to read this post because I was concerned when there was no Fabricate Friday. It’s a shame that you were driven away from your home, but great to hear that you, and I assume the cats are safe and well.

    1. Susanne Post author

      Hi Brooke. Yes the kitties are at my closest friends place and I see them every day plus at least 3 nights a week I stay over there to be with them. I’m anxious to get them home but the place must be safe for them. The workers have to be finished their business in order for them to return. They are scaredy cats and I want them to feel as little stress as possible. 🙂


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