Life update

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about what is happening with me and Stampin’ Up.  First and foremost I want you all to know that I am and have been open for business during the chaos that is my life.  As you probably know there was a flood in my apartment Aug 24th.  This lead to all the contents of my apartment being moved to a big storage can on the driveway and I had to relocate my kitties to a foster home and I had to stay with family or friends while workers dried out my apartment and fixed up the place.  I was able to move back into my bedroom a few weeks ago (without the kitties) and try to live somewhat normally.  The apartment is still being worked on BUT the end is near.  The last thing that needs to be done now is the floors (which I am told will be finished on Friday).  That means, that I may be able to (as long as things go smoothly) move my possessions back in on Saturday.  Recently, I hurt my knee quite badly and have to enlist friends to help with the move but if all goes well the kitties can come home shortly after.

Some things had slipped in my regular activities, such as; my Paper Pumpkin Alternatives, and my email club.  Which I hope to remedy this week sometime.  It is hard for me to craft in chaos but I am really trying.  I want everyone to know that I am doing my best and I really do take my work at Stampin’ Up! really seriously.  Once things are settled I will be working to catch up on the things that fell behind and of course on my Christmas Crush series.

That being said, here are some things that will be happening here on the blog:

  1. Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for September
  2. A few emails for my Email club
  3.  The October Card kit video
  4. Regular Content for my blog and YouTube channel
  5. Christmas Crush Series (20 cards, 5 3D projects) every week day for a month

With all that has being going on, I feel that I have tried my best to keep up, and I really do appreciate your business.  So please, if you feel that you would like to order though me please click the “online store” button on the top of this blog and know that you are appreciated and I will work tirelessly for you as your demonstrator.

Ok, with all that being said October is a fun month to start getting ready for your Christmas season and Stampin’ Up! has made it easy for you.  There are several promotions going on and I want to share them with you here.

To give you more of what you love, during October and November we’re offering two straight months of perfectly coordinated Christmas cardmaking and gifting projects. Two coordinating kits means that 1) you will have everything you need to complete unique holiday cards and gifts, 2) you will have more creative options, and 3) you can get that handmade holiday touch without the fuss.

Click here to sign up  P A P E R  P U M P K I N

We didn’t come up with World Card Making Day, but we are thrilled that it’s a thing! It’s a day dedicated to doing what you love most—making handmade cards! It celebrates the creativity and personal connection handmade cards create between loved ones, and it’s a great time to offer your customers a chance to make their own cards to send to their family and friends.

This year the world celebrates the day on October 7, but one day wasn’t enough for us. For ten days (October 1–10), you get 15% off Notecards & Envelopes and select stamp sets. Also, when you buy Fast Fuse Adhesive, you’ll get two refills for FREE!

Click here to go to my online store and shop now!

Let’s admit it: we all just love gorgeous Designer Series Paper.  By popular demand, we are bringing back an incredible offer on Designer Series Paper. You can buy three packages of select Designer Series Paper and get one FREE during October! This sale includes Designer Series Paper from both the annual and holiday catalogs. And we’re even including select Specialty and Designer Series Paper Stacks on sale! So take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get lots and lots of pretty paper.

Shop NOW!

Say hello to a new world of colorful creativity! Meet Stampin’ Blends, artist-quality alcohol markers in 12 exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors. To cover all the blending bases, we’re also offering a limited-time 16-card project kit and stamp set with beautiful line-art images.

Now this promotion is for Demonstrators only and Stampin’ Up! has not given a release date for customers yet, but if you are interested in these markers you can sign up to be a demonstrator and purchase these markers as your kit.  Please consider this option and get your hands on these markers with no commitment to becoming a bonafide demonstrator.

Learn more…click here.  


That’s all I have for you today.  Again, I am trying my very best to keep you informed and to provide current information for you.  Thank you for your time and I hope you have a lovely Sunday.



5 thoughts on “Life update

  1. Kathy L

    Hi Susanne,
    I’m delighted to hear that you will soon be entirely back in your apartment along with your dear kitties. And I hope your knee injury has continued to heal enough for you to move more easily.
    If I could, I’d be purchasing like crazy all the new offerings from SU from you but there’s that USA-CA thing in the way. 😔 Be sure to let us know when you have a new class ready for us.
    I am sure that your customers are like me and have been worried about your health and homeless situation, and not fussing about any delays in your craft output. Do what you can, as you can, and we’ll be there for you!

    Kathy Liu

  2. Jan Audette Lariviere

    Glad the end is near for your apartment. You have nothing to apologize for, you have kept up heroically. Looking forward to all your goodies.

  3. Darlene Mitchell

    Oh I am so glad you wrote and told me/us what is happening. If you did already I must have missed it…sorry! I kept watching wondering when you were going to do your paper pumpkin (I didn’t know) all kinds of life let go in your life. I was concerned because you have always been johnny on the spot with your video’s. I am relieved to hear that for the most part you are ok your knee just needs to catch up. I wish you all the best and just know you have supporters out there that are thinking of you. Life happens 🙂 Blessings to you!

  4. Rachael

    No worries! We miss your wonderful post but completely understand! Thanks for being real and letting us know you are human! It makes us like you even more!

  5. mariannebrinkley

    I’m so sorry for all of the bad luck that has come your way. I hope your life is well on its way back to being normal! Thank you for all of the videos you provide for all of us who cannot even purchase from you, since we are in a different country. I will look forward to what you do next. Sending you my very best wishes!


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