Free Card Kit for August 2017

Drum roll please….the new catalogue has gone live.  If you are a current customer of mine you should have already received your catalogue.  If you haven’t please drop me a line at and I will get one out to you.  Of course you can see the online version here on my blog but having a physical one is usually the best.  That way you can dog ear the corners and put sticky notes all over it.  🙂

For the card kit this month I will be featuring some new products.  You got it, I have used my Demonstrator muscle and have pre-purchased some of the great new things and I want to share them with you!  Feel free to shop at my online store this month (everyone who shops with me and uses the host code will get one of these card kits).  If you don’t know how the card kit program works…please check out this page>>  CARD KITS  and it will be explained in detail.  🙂

Check out the stunning new paper in action. Host Code: A3YVQJ4Q



2 thoughts on “Free Card Kit for August 2017

  1. Karen S

    Hi Susanne, so sorry for your troubles, good for you that you can plough on with crafting, a balm for most sorrows I find – oh I speak like Yoda sometimes; though not a wise 😉 LOL You know I wish I could be a customer of yours, but I am so far away!!! This is a great card kit and people should buy it – gorgeous! I have just placed my Christmas order and am waiting delivery (not patiently at all) and I have these products on order, so glad I added this stamp set at the last minute – inspired now by you (maybe not Yoda, just me being thick, and grammatically incorrect !) Sincerely hope that apartment is fixed asap for you and the kitties (I know they’re all grown now, but the name stuck) What a bummer! Love and a hug, Karen xx


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