Wildcard Wednesday – First day!

Hello all and thank you so much for stopping in.  Today is the first day of my new Wednesday card video series.  I know a few of you will be disappointed that I am not sharing an Art Video, but it’s already August and I honestly haven’t had time this year to create in my Art Journal.  Not with trying to balance career and my “jobby” here.  With the start of the Email club a few months ago, and the Online card classes plus my admin work on several Facebook groups…there isn’t a lot of extra time just to play.  However, I am not saying I won’t ever do another one, but for now I am filling Wednesdays up with cards!  I know quite a few of you will be happy.  If you enjoy Monday Makes then Wildcard Wednesday is up your alley.

I have decided to produce more content in an attempt to inspire more people more often, and to hopefully have a farther reach across the country.  I don’t know if you know this but I am unable to host workshops in my home as it is too small.  Many demonstrators I know have club nights and craft workshops and I am at a loss because I just can’t do it.  I have 2 avenues in which to gain customers, I ask people to host the workshops in their homes or I can put a lot of content up on the inter webs in hopes to gain a nice customer base.  95% of my customers are online now and I do very much appreciate them and really try hard to earn their business.  So that is my plan with this new video series.  I shall endeavor to create and produce more inspiration and really work hard for those customers.

This is the card I am sharing today.  It’s “art journal” inspired and I love it.

Here are the links to what I have used on today’s project. Please click on the picture or wording to be taken to the online store. If you make a purchase after clicking on my link, I receive a small commission as your demonstrator with no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support when shopping with me. Please do not hesitate to ask me a question as I am here to help you. 




4 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday – First day!

  1. Karen S

    Hello friend! loving the Wildcard Wednesday, great idea, at least you get to do a little mixed media work. Love the colours, Berry Burst is perfect with Tempting Turquoise and the background is so pretty. Love K xx

  2. Kathy L

    What a great idea! I’ve missed your art journal videos. Although I understand your explanation that we may be seeing most anything, it’ll be interesting. And I mean that in a good way!

    1. Susanne Post author

      I will try to carve out some time for them after the Christmas Crush Shoots. There are other reasons why as well…all about video set up and film time restrictions.


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