Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for July 2017

Good morning all.  I hope you are having a wonderful week.   As you all may know, the town where I live in British Columbia, Canada is called Kelowna.  Normally, it’s a beach town, as the town is built around a lake.  We here have had a very difficult spring and with flooding.  Warm weather and lots of rain caused the rivers to flood.  The lake was by far over full pool and lots of property was damaged.  Moving on to closer to this date, we have about 147 wild fires burning in the province.  Some of the fires are caused naturally and some are human error.  The smoke from these fires has made the air quality very bad here.  I know many of you have reached out to me to ask if I was ok during the fires and yes, I am in no danger.  Thank you so much for asking and checking up on me.  In case you are interested here is a link to a local news site that has a little more info about what I am talking about. 

Anyway, today is Paper Pumpkin Day!  I am so happy to share quite a few ideas with you.  Normally I come up with 5, this kit was easy to come up with 7 alternatives plus one extra that shows the design in a different colour way.  I always share my photos on my Facebook page as a sneak peek.  I had one lady ask for even more ideas!!!!  Please know that I am only human.  I started doing these alternative videos to support my customers who sign up for the kit with me.  A huge amount of effort goes into making the designs and also the videos.  I love doing it for my fantastic customers, and happily go through hoops to make them happy.  I am only one person though and can only do what I can do.

If you are looking for more design ideas may I suggest taking a peek at my Online Classes where I share a massive amount of card design ideas.  Thanks for your consideration and please know that I appreciate everyone who signs up for the classes.

Here are my Paper Pumpkin alternatives for this month.

Here is the video for your watching pleasure.



7 thoughts on “Paper Pumpkin Alternatives for July 2017

  1. Ramsey

    Susanne, I think your amazing and super human to come up with this many wonderful alternatives!!! I thank you so very much! I am definitely going to keep an eye on your online classes! Stay safe! Ramsey

  2. Denise Adair

    Hi Susanne! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos, especially the PP alternative projects! Your designs are so, so adorable!!! Your customers are so lucky to have you. I don’t remember how I stumbled on to your You Tube channel but I’ve been a subscriber from that very first time.
    I must say, I love how you edit your videos! With just enough lead-in, you get right to the heart of the project. People are so busy these days that I just don’t have time to watch a demo chit/chat about all their personal life for the first five/ten minutes before starting their project. It is nice to know when I get notification of your videos that you have edited it down to just be all the relevant aspects to stamping a delightful project! I’m sure you do a lot of prep beforehand and possibly retakes when filming making it quite time consuming on you. Please know how much your viewers appreciate it. You are a consummate stamping professional!!
    If you haven’t already been asked, I think Stampin’ Up should showcase your You Tube presentation style as a ‘best practice’ for the rest of us!! I would highly recommend you to Stampin’ Up as a featured speaker at On Stage specific to this topic. (That’s if they haven’t already discovered your amazing talent!
    Once again! Thanks from one of your ‘southern’ neighbors in North Dakota, USA!
    ~Denise Adair
    Bismarck, ND

  3. Kathy L

    First, I am so glad to know you’ve come through the disasters with little trouble, although breathing the smoky air is horrible. And thanks for the website to check on the situation.

    Your ideas this month are wowers! Even I may be able to recreate them. 😄 There’s no way for me to express how much I enjoy your creativity. And I do understand how time-consuming it becomes to video each card, so I’ll be satisfied with whatever number of projects you have time for. Thank you!

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