Live from onstage

Hello you. I’m sitting at the convention in Calgary right now. At this moment. I have seen the April paper pumpkin. It’s gorgeous. If you haven’t signed up yet. Do. So. I’m telling you. You will want this. I’m not kidding. I’m strongly recommending that you get next months kit. Sign up with me now. 
P A P E R  P U M P K I N:

I have a little something up my sleeve starting this month.  All my paper pumpkin monthly subscribers will be getting a dozen exclusive alternatives via email every month.  Not only will they get the 5+ projects that I post on my blog and YouTube channel but they will also be getting an ADDITIONAL DOZEN alternative projects for each month they subscribe.  This exclusive email  contains photos, list of any additional supplies, detailed instructions and also a direct link to me as your creative coach to help you along the way.  The time couldn’t be better.  Click the link below and sign up before the 10th of April to be eligible for Sara’s kit.

P A P E R  P U M P K I N:


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