Wonderwork Wednesday – Roxy’s Dragonfly Card

Hello and welcome.  In today’s video I show how I made an large square card using products from my mixed media stash for a birthday card.  Enjoy the show.



12 thoughts on “Wonderwork Wednesday – Roxy’s Dragonfly Card

    1. Susanne Post author

      I think she did like it very much. She was the one who gave me the alcohol inks for my birthday last year so I HAD to make her something with them. I also gave her the same colours of the Nuvo mousse too. She is much more of an altered mixed media artist but she does do fancy cards too. Quite the talent she is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Bonnie N

    Very unique.Love when you do altered media techniques I am working with metallic paper for flowers at a wedding. Any suggestions on what ink you think would work best?

    1. Susanne Post author

      Hi Bonnie. I really am not sure about that, I do know alcohol inks are permanent and that they do colour most mediums. Maybe try a sample with them. They come in gorgeous colours. I honestly don’t know. When I have dealt with paper flowers I usually buy the colours I like or I coat them with gesso and use what acrylic paints I have. I guess, just try a few and find out what works. Thanks for your question. Happy crafting for that wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Robin

    It’s a beautiful card but would have been better instruction wise if you had at least a list or flash on the screen what it is you are using. Also thought you were not supposed to feature products that are not SU on an SU website?

    1. Susanne Post author

      Hi Robin. Thanks for your comment. The reason I do not have a list of supplies is because of the fact that I am a demonstrator. I DO NOT add links to the “art” products I use other than links to the Stampin’ Up! online store. Further more, this is my blog–owned by me and in no way paid for by Stampin’ Up!. I am allowed to use any products I want to use. Wednesdays normally are my “art posts” and I like to use many products to produce “MY ART”. No, this does not go against the contract that I have with Stampin’ Up!. I have read my contract very carefully. I also describe these posts and videos as an “art process” video not a tutorial. Art is subjective and I am not qualified to teach art. I would like to mention that I do not get any sort of commission or kick back for showing how I use my art products as THAT would be against the rules. However, please feel free to suggest Stampin’ Up! to view my blog/videos at any time. They can police me if they feel it’s necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Karen S

    Your friend was very lucky to receive this card, it is beautiful. I love playing with Alcohol Inks, and the Yupo paper is great (as is acetate, kitchen foil, and some Mirror card – but not all are as good). A very pretty card, love the colours, and watching it all come together.
    I have finally finished your card, just got to write my letter then a little package will be winging its way to you pretty soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep Crafting! x

    1. Susanne Post author

      I keep meaning to look up the kitties birthday for you. I can’t remember. I’m a bad Mom. If I had real kids they would be urchins.


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