Monday Makes – Alcohol brush marker coloured card…say that twice!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.  I barely got this video up in time as I have had one heck of a crazy week.  I will spare you the gorey details but just know that it was a bit of a struggle getting this post/upload happening for you today.  Today I wanted to feature a technique I have been experimenting with the last few days and really wanted to share with you.  I am using a stamp set you can’t get for another few weeks but I did really want to share the technique with you so please understand that I am not trying to tease you.  Anyway, I do explain the technique in the video but I did want to mention again that the wink of stella I was using in the video had been used many times.  I open a new wink of stella, use it till it’s empty, then fill it maybe 4 or 5 times with water and use as an aqua brush, and after all the sparkle is mostly gone I open it up  and rinse it out very well.  Then I pour alcohol into it.  I used 77% ethanol alcohol but I am pretty sure any strength of alcohol would work.  Feel free to shoot me any questions as you have them.  I will say again that I did not have great success with blending dark, medium and light colours together as you would when you use a alcohol marker but one can get an amazing gradient and that’s pretty cool too.  I hope you enjoy the technique and give it a try with some of your old wink of stella brush pens.  Stretch those supplies right?

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13 thoughts on “Monday Makes – Alcohol brush marker coloured card…say that twice!

  1. Barbara

    This card is just too cute! I’ve liked the stamp set since I first saw it. Your card is really adorable and I like the idea of using alcohol to blend the colors. TFS

    1. Susanne Post author

      Well, I would never empty one to just do this. I would use it up, then refill with water a couple of times and then after most of the sparkle is used up, I would try it as an alcohol marker. Please don’t waste your wink of Stella.


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