Christmas Crush – Day 9 – Dazzling White Shaker

Hello there.  You can kind of see a theme here where every Thursday is a “shaker day”.  I thought it would be nice to have a bit of consistency and continuity to my blog/YouTube channel posts during Christmas Crush.  Since I am crushing a lot of card designs and inspiration into one month I really want to have varied content.  Not the same ole thing every day in other words.  Mondays are simply simple cards, Tuesday’s Cards have a bit more involved but again not overly involved or time consuming, Wednesday’s Cards are more complicated with a variety of advanced techniques and Thursdays are “SHAKER” cards.  Don’t be fooled though, shakers are not difficult…they are extremely easy and the collecting of the shaker “guts” if you will are addicting.  I say collecting but read hoarding.  I have too many sequins now.  Lol.  Last year it was washi and the year before that it was paper.  ANYway…I shall get on with the show.  Hope you enjoy this card.


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